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How To Make Your Roses Last Longer

There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of fresh roses, they are a classic go-to with their timeless, luxe aesthetic and they smell amazing. We use roses throughout our daily design bouquets and wedding flowers, you’ve no doubt seen our dreamy 100 rose bespoke bouquets and of course we have to mention our rose scented candle. Many of us tend to place our bouquets straight into a vase and leave it at that, but there are a number of steps you can take to prolong your lovely blooms and keep them looking fresh for longer. We send Roses in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland all the time and so we thought we would share our favourite care tips to help you make the most of your lovely roses.

3 Ways To Make Your Roses Last Longer

Clean Your Vase

It seems so simple, but ensuring that your vase is clean before you add your bouquet is essential and worthwhile. If you’re washing your vase or it’s previously been washed, make sure you rinse all of the soap away as this can harm your lovely blooms - a small but effective step in prolonging your roses.

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Water Temperature

It’s such a habit to fill your vase up with cold water and pop your flowers in, but did you know that roses prefer warmer water? Instead of filling your vase with the cold tap, try adding lukewarm water, similar to that of a baby’s bath - they are summer flowers and so recreating that temperature especially in winter will help your roses thrive. In addition to the temperature, make sure you change the water every 2-3 days to ensure your roses stay fresh, removing any leaves that have fallen into the water as you go.

Re-cut the stems

Don’t simply place your flowers into the vase as is, make sure that you cut off 2cm from each stem at a 45 degree angle. Re-cutting the stems will allow the bouquet to access enough water and remain fresh for longer, do this every 2-3 days and you’ll be surprised at how long they can last!

Stop And Smell The Roses!

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