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Real Life Wedding: David & Michael

Wedding photography by © Colin Horn & © Ellie Cutajar

Last year we had the pleasure of designing wedding flowers for David & Michael. We caught up with the happy couple recently to find out more about their big day!

How Did You Meet? Tell Us A Little About Your Love Story.

We met online, but it turned out we lived on the same street and were about a 2-minute walk from each other. It felt like quite a new thing to do 8 years ago, but I think it's probably the main way people meet now.

What's your favourite flower?

I like daisies and spring flowers like that. David says he doesn’t know! The flowers we ordered from you for our mother's/witnesses were beautiful - but then they all were.
Wedding Flowers Glasgow & Edinburgh
Wedding photography by © Colin Horn & © Ellie Cutajar

Why did you pick a rustic theme for your wedding?

I think it’s a really nice theme to have because it feels natural and comfortable. I didn’t want to have to stress about everything matching, so it was nice to have everything go together easily.

What made you pick 1599 at the Royal College, Glasgow? Would you recommend this venue?

We had a discount - David’s a member of the college! But in all seriousness, it’s a beautiful venue in a really great location in the city centre. They were so helpful and really helped to make sure everything went smoothly. We went for a food taster and it was amazing, that really sealed the deal! Fiona was an amazing coordinator and helped us to get everything sorted really quickly!

What did you wear?

I'm not Scottish, so I wore a Ted Baker suit and David is and he had a beautiful kilt from MacGregor & MacDuff!
Wedding Flowers Glasgow & Edinburgh
Wedding photography by © Colin Horn & © Ellie Cutajar

Did you Honeymoon? If so, where and would you recommend?

We did, we went to Berlin! It was amazing, we had been before and loved it. It was an amazing place to go and relax and be together. We drank lots of beer and ate loads of amazing food, and went to a couple of shows and the zoo.

Top tip for couples planning their wedding right now...

Just try and relax and enjoy it. You don't want to look back and have the only thing you remember being the stress. The getting married part is the most important, everything else is just the trimmings. We also had a drinks reception to welcome everyone, it was a really relaxed start to the day. Our thinking was we love these people and we don't get to see a lot of them all that often, so why spend less time with them? For the same reason, we had our photos taken before the ceremony. Just do what you want, there are no rules!

Looking back, would you do anything differently?

I really don't think so, I had the best time celebrating with all my family and friends!

Wedding Flowers Glasgow & Edinburgh

Wedding photography by © Colin Horn & © Ellie Cutajar

Why did you pick MUD as your wedding florist and would you recommend us?

It was simple and easy - all of the arrangements looked beautiful and you all know a lot more about flowers than I do. I just said what I needed and what I would like it to look like you you did the rest. They looked (and smelled) beautiful on the day. They really tied the rustic theme and the classy building together!

What was the biggest splurge on your Wedding day? Was it worth it?

I don't think we splurged on anything... Out suits were probably one of the biggest expenses, but at lease when it's not a wedding dress, you can wear it again! We upgraded some of the things on the honeymoon like staying in a nicer hotel etc.
Wedding photography by © Colin Horn & © Ellie Cutajar

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