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Dried Flowers: How To Care And Style For This Year’s Hottest Floral Trend

 With Mud Urban Flowers and French Connection
As dried flowers are fast becoming a design feature in many households, we’ve teamed up with French Connection to share some styling tips and care advice. If you aren’t 100% sure what dried flowers are, they are real flowers that have been preserved to last between 1-3 years. They come in a variety of colours from whimsical pastels, to dynamic bold hues, and timeless soft neutrals.

Style Tip #1: Keep It Natural

We love French Connection’s recycled glass trumpet vase for bedside tables or console tables. We’ve teamed this vase with our ‘Outback’ dried bouquet. This bouquet features natural grasses, protea, mimosa, bunny tails, seed heads and pampas.

Style Tip #2: Brighten Their Day

Dried flowers make excellent gifts as they are super easy to maintain, long lasting and are affordable with our dried bouquets starting from £14 available for delivery U.K. wide. We suggest going for a brightly coloured bouquet that will add a burst of energy to a friend or family member’s home.

Style Tip #3: Go Bespoke

If you’re looking for a statement piece for your home, our bespoke bouquets work well. Again, these last 1-3 years if cared for and with bespoke, you can choose your own colour palette and floral elements. In our home, we have navy blue accents meaning French Connection’s recycled glass blue cylinder vase is the perfect vessel. We teamed this with a bespoke navy and neutral bouquet making sure to include cotton and pampas as these are some of our favourite flowers.

Style Tip #4: Mix It Up

We love experimenting with different flowers and grasses to ensure that the textures and styles are always interesting. At Mud, you can order single variety bunches allowing you to style your own bouquet or add something to one of ours. We love the mix of a feathery plume of pampas with a spiky thistle and a bold hydrangea.

Style Tip #5: Deconstructed

If you can’t decide on the perfect spot for your dried bouquet, don’t be afraid to split it up into mini bouquets and sprinkle them around your home. You can use recycled jam jars, milk bottles or junk shop finds to display your stems. We’ve used a vintage bud vase to add a touch of colour to our bathroom.

And the best part? Now you’ve perfectly styled your bouquet, there’s not much else to do. Dried bouquets can last for 1-3 years if looked after properly. They are super fuss-free so our tips are simply to keep them out of direct sunlight and anywhere moist! If they get dusty just gently blow on them with the cool setting of your hairdryer. And try not to move them around too much.

If you love the vases photographed above, you can shop them here and if you’d like to purchase a dried bouquet to style in your home, click here

We love seeing how you style your dried bouquets, tag us @mudurbanflowers and @frenchconnection if you recreate any of the looks above.
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