International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. In the Mud team, we advocate for a gender equal world and actively try to promote an environment that is free of bias and discrimination, one that values and celebrates our diversity. We would love for you to join us in the fight for equality and to #BreakTheBias. 
Achieving a future where men and women are equal can often seem daunting, but every bit of progress helps! We are always open to learning and encourage our Mud community to take part in the conversation around what it really means to break the bias. We need to understand what these biases are and how it can be detrimental to women before we are able to challenge these harmful stereotypes. Furthermore, we have to approach our understanding of discrimination in an intersectional way since different facets of our identity can lead to multiple forms of discrimination overlapping and creating further harm. Lastly, we need to keep ourselves and our friends accountable when we witness biased behaviour occurring. Allyship is crucial to creating actual change as we can only break the bias through growing and building a safe community for an equal world. 
For our commitment to International Women’s Day 2022, we are releasing two mini dried bouquets for our two handpicked charities. With each bouquet purchased, £10 will go to the charity of choice and you can help support the work and services they are providing for women in need. 
Our first charity is Glasgow Women’s Aid (@GlasgowWomensAid). This is a charity close to our hearts. Built by pioneering female volunteers in the 70s who collectively realised that there was a need for a safe, anonymous space for women who have experienced domestic abuse. The organisation has since grown to further support children and young people. They provide information, support services and temporary refuge accommodation for victims. Their work is led by feminist principles, expert knowledge of domestic abuse and guided by the women, children and young people they have supported. 
Our second charity is Ukrainian Women’s March (@MarshZhinok). The organisation aims to protect Ukrainian women from all forms of violence. With the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we recognise the vulnerability of women in such a devastating situation. Women play many different roles in war, some are fighting, some are forced to find shelter, some are leading on the frontline. However, a sad truth is that during a crisis like this, women and children suffer disproportionately and inequalities are further magnified. The Ukrainian Women’s March is taking donations to provide emergency care for women who are unable to buy food, medicine and other essential goods. 
We hope that you, our beloved Mud community, join us in celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 and help us to #BreakTheBias once and for all!

Shop Our Charity Bouquets

£10 of each bouquet sale will go to either Glasgow Women's Aid or the Ukrainian Women’s March depending on your chosen bouquet. Thank you for supporting these two extremely important charities. 

Ukraine Women’s March Dried Bouquet

Glasgow Woman's Aid Dried Bouquet

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