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Preservation In The Pandemic

Some of you may have noticed that while we couldn’t get our regular fresh flowers during COVID-19, our dried flowers were our lockdown heroes. We are SO thrilled that you have fallen in love with these bouquets just as much as we have. As our dried flowers are fast becoming a Mud staple alongside our fresh bouquets, we thought it would be a great idea to take you behind the scenes into the evolution of these forever flowers. 


Our OG Mud community would remember that we started designing these bouquets back in 2018 (doesn’t that feel like a lifetime ago?!) for our dear friend @KateLaVie when she kindly asked us to fill up her cafe @MarketGla with some lovely stems. They became so popular that we decided to start creating our own special designs for you guys!

As you know at Mud we love supporting local businesses, so one of the most cherished aspects of our flowers is that they are supplied from a fantastic British family-owned business. Bernadette, Rob and team have been going for over thirty years and we trust them wholeheartedly to ensure that these flowers are produced as environmentally friendly as possible. The flowers are harvested using traditional techniques and preserved using state-of-the-art facilities powered by renewable energy sources. Being nature lovers, we are passionate about the environment so we really strive to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. 


So while we can feel content that these flowers are environmentally friendly, does it even matter then that they also look good...? Yes, of course! We can proudly have our cake and eat it too on this occasion. During our extra bit of free time in lockdown, we have relished the opportunity to engage with you guys more so that we can create an even bigger range of dried flower designs to cater to your individual tastes. It has been so much fun to play around with arrangements and colour combos. Our designs range from whimsical pastels, to dynamic bold hues, and the timeless soft neutrals. We have also been experimenting with different flowers and grasses to ensure that the textures and styles are always interesting. We like to mix up our bouquets with eye-catching protea, elegant shrubs of hydrangea, spikes of thistle or bunches of lush lavender. We also often feature long stems of eucalyptus, soft and fluffy wheat and feathery plumes of pampas grass. We love how we can bring cosy cottage vibes into your home with the earthy tones of our bouquets or brighten it up with splashes of colour that will last the summer and beyond! 

Just as a reminder, these bouquets can last for 3++ years if looked after properly. They are super fuss-free so our tips are simply to keep them out of direct sunlight and anywhere moist! If they get dusty just gently blow on them with the cool setting of your hairdryer. Restocks are every Thursday at 3pm and we’ll always share our designs on our Instagram. We’ll see you with our next bunch of bunny tails!

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