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Last of the Summer Blooms

Is it just us at Mud or are the days getting shorter? We’re not sure if it’s just daylight hours decreasing or things are just getting busier and busier in our little Mud family! As it’s now August, we know that you’re busy catching the last few weeks of sunny rays and getting things organised before school and work gets back into full gear. Since we last spoke at Mud some of you may have noticed we are beginning to ramp up our flower deliveries. We are currently doing three fresh flower deliveries per week and we’ve now even been restocking our dried flowers twice per week. Whoop!

So, while we may be heading towards the end of summer, this is definitely not the last of our blooms. Let us take you through some of our favourite seasonal stems to keep this summer mood lasting beyond the setting sun.


When we are daydreaming and doodling, don’t we take our pens and often end up drawing lovely little daisies? This delightful flower’s simplicity and innocence evokes warm, happy feelings of nostalgia. It takes us back to our childhood days running around in the grass, making daisy chains… and oh, oopsie daisy! Here we go off daydreaming again. 


Always a surprise, always so diverse and always resilient. With over 20,000 different species we could spend a whole lifetime getting to know this flower but it will remain as mysterious and elegant as ever. These glamorous blossoms keep strong past the summer months and into October, and we absolutely love them for it as we find it so difficult to part with them.  


The nickname “sword lily” derives from the Latin name “gladius” meaning sword because of the way they jut out sharply with their long stems. But you better be careful with them, as these flowers are known to be the symbol of love as they will swiftly pierce the heart of the recipient ;) 


Oh heavenly creatures! Sunflowers really belong up there with the Gods don’t they? These towering, powerful stems were once worshipped for their resemblance to our very own life giving star, the Sun. With their brilliant yellow petals and bright wide faces, they are always a scene stealer whether on their own or in a bouquet. 

Sweet Peas

These precious little flowers are garden classics, we can often see them climbing tall and wild in cute cottage gardens. Not only do they provide us with a beautiful fragrance (that we have captured in our candles) but they also charm us with their delicate shape, sometimes even mistaking them for the soft flutter of butterflies! 

See you in September, Mud bloggers! In the meantime, we’re going to sip on some sweet rosé, listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘august’ on repeat and leave you with this passage by American poet Aimee Nezhukumatathil:

There are not enough jam jars to can this summer sky at night. I want to spread those little meteors on a hunk of still-warm bread this winter. Any trace left on the knife will make a kitchen sink like that evening air

the cool night before
star showers: so sticky so
warm so full of light

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