Blowing The Blues Away

Blowing The Blues Away

Our Mondays have been a little bit brighter recently, and we know you’ve noticed. At Mud, we have decided that Monday Blues are a thing of the past with Mud Mondays! Mondays can often seem like a slog after the weekend, but having Mondays with Mud means you can enjoy a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers that will keep you smiling for the week ahead. 

What was the inspiration behind the single variety concept? 

Aesthetic was one of the main reasons - in homes, interior magazines and boutique hotels around the world, people often opt for a single variety bouquet. This is also what most of our team would go to at home. We love the simplicity of the single variety bouquet as the flowers are able to just shine on their own without any need for arranging. Packaging has always been important to the mud brand and while we love our mud totes for our daily designs, we wanted to play around with the idea of using white paper and tissue - it’s simple, but it creates a really luxurious feel. The contrast of white against the flower also really helps to showcase the stem of the week. 

Why did you pick Monday as the day?

We sadly stopped delivering on Mondays during lockdown as we didn’t have the capacity to deliver 5 days a week as we had done before. As things steadily picked up, we wanted to start delivering full time again for our customers but create a fresh product for 2021. Single-variety was the obvious choice, it’s ultra stylish yet minimal and something that a lot of us at Mud were already displaying at home. We also like the idea of starting your week off with a bunch of fresh flowers, it pairs well with the intention of making Monday a fresh start and a new beginning. People often associate Monday with negativity, so this is a good way to switch the meaning of the word “Monday” to something joyful and positive. 

How does Mondays differ from the Daily Designs? 

Mud has been more of a gifting service as opposed to ordering for yourself. However with our Mondays bouquets we have definitely seen a shift to people treating themselves or buying for their home as opposed to sending to someone else. The simplicity of these bouquets makes their beauty quite lowkey and effortless, which we think definitely adds to the appeal of gifting it to yourself.

What do you consider when choosing the variety for the week?

Seasonal flowers are always our first thought when planning a variety for the next Mondays design. If a flower is in season that is our go to because not only is seasonal better for the environment, but it makes the flower far better quality and generally we get a better selection of colours or varieties. We have also frequently been running polls on social media to find out what our customers would like. 

How often do you let your customers vote to pick the stems? 

Almost every week! We love finding out what our loyal Mud community would like to see colour wise, flower wise, style wise! It’s so important to create products our customers love. Doing these kind of polls and engaging in comments, helps to strengthen our connection to our audience. The last couple of weeks we have narrowed it down to two flowers in the studio and then asked our Mud followers to make the final decision. This is how some of our studio favourites have been chosen in recent weeks like dahlias, hydrangeas and sunflowers. So if you want to have your say in our next Mondays variety, this is a gentle reminder to turn on your social media notifications for us so that you know when we next put up our poll! ;) 

What is your plan to work with growers?

Our plan is to work directly with growers. By working in partnership with growers, we can continue to provide the best in quality produce to our customers. We have a great relationship with Smith and Munson Ltd, the Munson family have been growing British flowers since 1949. We plan to work with them to deliver their beautiful British produce that they have been growing for 5 generations! We are obsessed with their tulips, find out more about them here. We are also very lucky to have met with growers in the Netherlands. We will hopefully work with a family-owned grower in South Holland, Montana Lisianthus, who are experts in nurturing lisianthus of exceptional quality. Their flowers will definitely be a feature for an upcoming Monday design! 

We’re so excited with what we have coming up on Mondays and we are thrilled to have you on this journey with us. 

We adore these single-flower bouquets and the contemporary, minimal statement they make. They are inherently chic and timeless. Whether you’re treating yourself or gifting a friend, Mud Mondays are nothing but a bundle of joy to start your week! Say goodbye to the Sunday scaries when Mondays are around the corner!

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