Real Life Wedding: Nicole & Jamie

Real Life Wedding: Nicole & Jamie

Wedding photography by © Cara Frew
On the 23rd July 2021 Nicole and Jamie got married! We had the pleasure of designing their wedding flowers. We caught up with the happy couple last week to find out more about their big day! They share their very sweet love story, some brilliant wedding vendors and a few top tips to help you if you're in the planning process. 

Why did you decide to use Mud for your wedding flowers?

I've been using Mud services from the start, we just love Mud flowers. Every Christmas, Valentines, birthday, or days when i just need cheered up a bit Jamie surprises me with an order!
Wedding photography by © Cara Frew

How did you and Jamie meet? Tell us a little about your love story!

Jamie and myself actually went to same school but we didn't talk much as their was a little bit of an age gap. We both took part in the same musical at school called 'summer holiday', Jamie was the lead part. My gran loved it so much she went to see it 2 nights in a row. Wasn't until a few years later we started talking and met up on Valentine's Day and the rest is history as they say!

Was your wedding affected at all by Covid? Any tips for other couples getting married during the pandemic?

We were extremely lucky we got to keep our original wedding date, and a week before our wedding the government also increased numbers, we couldn't believe it!
My advice would be not to overthink it, we kept imagining what our day would look like with restrictions, but when it comes to the day all that melts away, and the main thing is finally being married.
Wedding photography by © Cara Frew

What was your biggest splurge? 

I think it would have to be my dress, I love fashion and always knew I wanted a dress from Reetas bridal. My gran got her wedding dress from Reetas too, so that felt extra special knowing we got our dresses from same place. My mum also got me my dress as a wedding gift which meant so much.

Any tips for couples on a budget?

I think there are lots of cool ideas out there to stick to budget. We definitely done bits here and there to save and in the end it made our day super personal.
We made all our own favours, which did take time but we would just have a couple drinks on a Friday leading up to wedding and spend our night making them which was nice. Our friend also made our cake, which we were extremely grateful for (TaylorMade Cakes). Polaroid cameras for tables are popular just now but can be pricey, we opted for the old fashioned instant cameras and bought props for the table. Will be a lot of fun getting them developed to see what's on them, sure we are in for some surprises, also gave people a chuckle trying to remember how to wind them up.

Did you honeymoon? Any tips or recommendations for couples planning their honeymoon?

We went to Tenerife! Its our classic place that we love and after not getting a holiday for so long we couldn't wait.
Wedding photography by © Cara Frew

Who was your photographer?

Cara frew photography. Cara was outstanding, such a lovely, talented person, so glad we found her. We can't recommend her enough captured little moments in our day we would have probably missed!

Did you get a band? If so, who did you go for and why? What sort of music do you like?

We had Sneaky Treacle as our band, the main singer Craig is family. We saw them play at Jamie aunties party and knew we needed them for our day. We're both old souls so like a mixture of music. Our first dance song Sneaky Treacle played was Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader. We knew rather than slow ballads we wanted to opt for something upbeat that summed up us, it was perfect.
Wedding photography by © Cara Frew

Would you do anything differently if you were to do it all again?

Not at all our day was perfect from start to finish, we've been together nearly 10 years, our hearts are still so filled with love thinking how our day just captured us as a couple it was so personal and laidback. Wish we could live it all over again.

Highlight of day?

My highlight of day besides getting married was my husbands speech. Jamie is very musical, and at end of his speech which was a rollercoaster of tears and laughter. He pulled out his guitar from nowhere and sang a song he wrote for me. Was the most romantic thing ever cant believe how amazing it was to have my husband sing to me on our wedding day.

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