Platinum Party Planning!

Platinum Party Planning!

With peonies in full bloom we know that means that it’s time to get excited for a summer full of garden parties! With the addition of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year, we thought we would share some of our top tips and tricks to setting up your garden party this summer. So whether you’re hosting for the Jubilee or throwing a little get together for family and friends, we’ve got a few ideas to give your garden the platinum feel. 

The Feast

First of all is to plan whether you want a more intimate event or if the more the merrier! This will help establish the ~~vibe~~ and atmosphere of your party. When inviting your guests, we love the idea of having each guest bringing a dish. Not only is this good for the budget, but it means that everyone shares the load, so not all the pressure is on you to cater! If its a smaller event, then each guest can bring either a starter, main or dessert. For larger gatherings, you can suggest a theme that the guests can stick to, this could be asking your guests to bring their favourite meal as a child, or even their favourite dish from their culture. Some super easy, light, summery recipes we’re loving at the moment include a grilled peach salad, the classic tomato bruschetta and this mouthwatering mustard potato salad - mmmm! Top tip: ask your guests to label the dishes with ingredients for any dietary sensitivities. 

The Setting

This summer is all about bringing people together and creating that ever sought after Danish sense of ‘hygge’. The best way to set an uber-cosy scene for your get together is with textures and by textures we mean picnic rugs, table cloths, blankets, throw cushions! More is more in this case! You could also bring your indoor table and chairs outdoors to really make everyone feel at home (weather dependent). Top tip: set some pebbles on the corners to stop the linen from blowing away. 
Next up is to set the dining table, opt for the more sustainable option and use your own plates, glasses and cutlery instead of buying new or using disposable paper plates and plastic cups. While these are a more eco friendly option, the added weight from the plates and glasses will also mean they’re wind resistant. If you have them, placemats always add a nice touch, we suggest rattan style ones to add a rustic flair against the linen of the tablecloths. Or for a more budget friendly option, you could make your own using hessian and cutting into circles. 
If you have the space, a great idea is to have a separate table to lay out the food and drinks on platters so that guests can easily help themselves to whatever they need - it also means more room on the central table for our next topic which is… 

Flowers, flowers, flowers! 

A beautiful garden party isn’t complete without some floral decorations. Place jars of flowers (definitely does not need to match) sporadically throughout the table setting. You can mix it up with some tall vases and smaller bud vases. The mismatch vibes will give it a relaxed, quirkier feel. You can pre order our mix match vases of dried flowers and ribbon here or deconstruct a fresh bouquet into your own recycled jam jars! Top tip: keep the floral theme going even with your cutlery, we suggest tying your napkins with some ribbon and knotting it together with a cute little stem. 
Our fresh Jubilee design will be revealed on Wednesday 2nd June, keep peeled! You can think blue delphinium, lush peony roses and fresh white tulips. 

The Extra Sparkle

If your party is going into the night, give the evening twilight that warmth with plenty of fairy lights, festoon lights and lots of blankets. One thing we have to mention is be prepared for rain! As much as we’d love to predict the weather and claim it doesn’t rain nearly as much as it does in the UK, the odd shower is not something we can 100% avoid. So if you are able to, we’d suggest covering your dining area with either a large waterproof parasol or a gazebo (check out these affordable options available on Argos or B&Q). 
Lastly, is it really a party if there’s no cake? If you’re celebrating for the Jubilee, perhaps you’re one of the brave ones who will attempt the Platinum Pudding trifle or maybe you’ll opt for a victoria sponge. We even love the simplicity and ease of cute cupcakes, and maybe even getting your guests involved to decorate their cupcakes themselves. Just prepare the icing and an assortment of decorations like some sweeties, little slices of fresh fruit, sprinkles, or even edible flowers! 
There are an endless amount of options to how you can throw a summer party, and you can make it as unique as you like. We can’t wait to see how your garden parties turn out! 

If you do host a Jubilee Party or a Garden Party and use any of our tips or flowers, make sure to tag us @MudUrbanFlowers 💖. 
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