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Self-Care Through The Senses

At Mud, we are all about growth. This year has been an incredibly difficult one for so many reasons, and we have all faced challenges that we did not expect. Can you believe it’s still 2020? As we start to look towards our plans for the end of 2020, it is important for us at Mud to grow in a direction that continues to spread positivity and brings joy. This is why we are so excited to share our new range of Mud Goods that aims to promote self-care. 

Understandably, this year has been overwhelming as there are so many pressures in all areas from personal, professional, psychological to physical! Sometimes we need to take a pause and really think about how we are looking after ourselves. So we are so pleased to introduce a range of Mud diffusers, hand cream and hand + body wash in wonderful scents using the power of pampering and aromatherapy to provide some necessary self-care. We curated these products with scent at the forefront. As florists, we work so intimately with beautiful, natural fragrances that it was a priority to retain these smells in this new range of products. 

We strongly believe that if you instil an effective routine of self-care, then this will help establish a strong foundation of good physical and mental health. After all, your first defence to protect your health is yourself! We want to help you out with a few tips on how you can practice self-care while using our new Mud goods in the range of therapeutic floral scents. 

Have a bath

It can really be as simple as that. Yes, we know we’re busy and sometimes it just needs to be a quick shower. But we assure you, if you take some time once a week or once a month and have a bath, it will feel SO good. Promise! You should try it out with our new range of hand and body wash as they contain holistic ingredients like honey, argan oil and aloe vera which is a natural soothing gel that absorbs quickly and soothe irritated or inflamed skin. 

Practice mindfulness

As we have been spending more time at home, we noticed that our screen time was growing exponentially! It is ever more important to proactively take time away from our mobiles, computers, tablets, TV and just focus on the present. Mindfulness may feel like a big word that is being thrown around a lot these days, but for us at Mud we define it as being present and aware of your thoughts and environment. We need to find moments of peace away from the chaos of this world. So we suggest that you find at least fifteen minutes in your day to focus on your breathing and think about things you are grateful for. We suggest that you practice mindfulness and deep breathing with one of our relaxing diffusers. These diffusers softly disperse soothing fragrances and through the power of aromatherapy will help calm your mind. 

Self-soothe your senses

Our brain connects to all five senses so it is important to attend to all of them: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.This year we’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time at home, it’s important that the space we make gratifies all of our senses. Tidy your room, make your favourite meal, listen to some relaxing music, light a candle and even massage yourself with some of our hand cream! A self-soothing act like moisturising is so important to reduce stress and anxiety. It should be a part of your self-care ritual as not only does it help prevent and treat dry skin, it also helps to release toxins that are built up throughout the day and can assist in dissipating through our bloodstream. Moisturising can also be massaging as we connect with our body - and our brain may also even release a bunch of happy chemicals. We need to celebrate our body at our own touch! 

All of our products at Mud are made with natural, vegan ingredients and are cruelty free. We hope that this new range will help you spend a little bit more time on YOU to destress, relax and rejuvenate.

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