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You Grow Through What You Go Through

Happy New Year Mud family 🌸 2020, we did it! We hope that the Christmas and New Year break have given you time to rest, reflect and recharge. We are back in the studio feeling refreshed and cannot wait to start delivering bouquets of joy to you and your loved ones again.
With every new year, it’s important to reflect on the past year’s challenges and successes so that we can take the important lessons with us. Life is always going to present difficulties but we know that 2020 was a challenge beyond any other. While the problems of 2020 haven’t disappeared, we have come more prepared, more resilient, and more hopeful to tackle the difficulties of 2021. 
As we’re not quite out of the woods yet, we like to remind ourselves of one of our favourite quotes, from none other than Disney’s Mulan (the animated one!): “The flower that blooms in adversity is rare and most beautiful of all.” We know how important it is to practice gratitude, so we’re going to reflect and list our top three things that kept us blossoming throughout 2020, and what we hope to be continuing in 2021. 
Dried flowers uk

Dried Bouquets 

As we were spending so much time indoors last year, dried bouquets quickly became a mainstay to keep our homes looking beautiful for the long days ahead. The popularity of our dried flowers blew us away and we almost couldn’t keep up with the demand! It made us so happy to see how much beauty they brought you and your loved ones in the past year, and we hope to continue spreading the joy in the days ahead! 
While we’ll always love the feathery pampas grass and fluffy bunny tails, your enthusiasm kept us so motivated to continually come up with new and fun ways to style these bouquets. The colour schemes of our designs ranged all over the spectrum from the cosy neutrals to splashy technicolour dreamscapes. We also loved mixing up the textures through a variety of stems with shrubs of hydrangea, bunches of soft eucalyptus and sharp bursts of protea. We cannot wait to show you all the new designs to come this year. 
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Self-Care Boxes

The phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup” was so evident last year. New to Mud was our range of self-care boxes that invited you to really take some time out for yourself. In order to look after others, we have to look after ourselves which is why we brought these self-care sets in 2020 and continue to do so in 2021!
Combining the power of pampering and aromatherapy, we made these products to help remind you to take a time out and relax. At Mud, we know the power of fragrance and we wanted to really celebrate that through our range of Mud Goods. We ensured that through our range of diffusers, hand creams and body wash we only used natural, vegan ingredients to showcase the beautiful smells that we encounter everyday. We hope that you will continue to prioritise looking after and loving yourself this year. 


The previous year brought into sharp focus the spirit of community and we know we could never have made it through 2020 without you. While social distancing isn’t going away just yet, we can only move forward and drive change if we do that by keeping close together. Through you we were able to give back even more to our community more than ever before through our charitable dried bouquets. 
We have learned, supported and empowered each other to push forward and do better. Through your collaboration and engagement, we have been able to grow together. We are so grateful for your unwavering support and helping us navigate all obstacles that 2020 threw in our way. With you by our side, not only can we continue to grow but we can thrive in 2021!
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